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First day of training in the CSA summer camp.

I usually blog in Norwegian, but to make sure that the people who find themselves on photos in my blog understands what I’m writing – and that I’m not saying anything too horrible about them, I’ll do the summer camp-blogging in English. Though, it would have been pretty silly of me to trash talk the people I’m meeting on the mats the next day!

So, over to all the guys that are chewing their nails in excitement, waiting for the update on how our first day in camp has been: It has been nothing but hard work from the first minute.

2013-06-10_12-35-18_828Well, even Batman takes a break once in a while! Also, we needed to take some time and try do dry off the worst from the gi’s, they were soaking wet after just about five minutes of training. They tend to smell less than fresh if left in that state for too long.. Good thing the weather is not too horrible.

d01 But I must emphasize that we have not been spending the whole day laying scattered on a lawn. We were also laying about on a beach (the water was very nice by the way, don’t listen to what the Hubby says!) – and of course we have spent some hours sweating it out in the gym.

d02 d03I assure you, we work harder than it sometimes looks. And in case a certeain instructor back home is wondering; YES I did train, I didn’t just run around taking pictures! I have a small, blue bump in my forhead to prove it. Oh, I hope noone is feeling guilty about that one by the way, I helped out making it by smashing my head into a moving knee. I’m not entirely sure what my strategy was when I did that – I think I wanted to hip escape, and instead of moving my butt backwards I doubled over moving my upper body downwards. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

I did take some pictures though, at the very end of the day. And I’m sure they are of interest to some of the people on them, so I’m planning to post them on the Allmighty Facebook at some point – just not now. I’m tired and sore and I know that I’m going to need a full eight hours of sleep before tomorrow’s fighting.

It was great meeting y’all today, I think we’ll have a blast this week!


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