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Boys stink. Throw rocks at them!

Since we didn’t do the gi-laundry yesterday due to the latest class ending at ten in the night, we had to do it today. Really, we HAD to. We had hung them all up in the hotel bathroom, and when I went in there this morning the smell was so heavy I reeled and just wanted to crawl back out again. Crying. So, we skipped the early training to do laundry. And also because we needed some sleeeeeeep.. Anyways, that meant we had more energy for the evening classes! I started training at five in the afternoon and the last class ended at half past nine. But that was the most awesome class- the bjj girls class! Taught by Erin Herle, it was so much fun. A lot of the time in this camp we end up sparring and doing techniques with boys because there are so many of them. You literally stumble over them. Training with girls is a bit different, and I like having that focus once in a while.

b1Just watch my focus! «How did she make THAT happen? And why? And what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?» Yeah. A Havku moment. Anyways, great meeting all of you girls!

b02….yeah, we also did a group shot with «the boy pose»:

b03Throw rocks at them!

Except for the two guys that taught the two classes before ours. And all the other guys present. Please don’t kill me.

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