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Another slow morning.

I had planned to join the morning class today, but the hotel room decided to be far too hot and noisy for me to get some real sleep last night, and the result was that I didn’t manage to drag myself out of bed in time. Also, I don’t really have the joy of the opposable thumb on my left hand at the moment. Not that it isn’t opposable, I mean, it’s still there – but every time I try to use it, it tells me to frack off. And before you all start grumbling about how martial arts are dangerous sports with loads of damages; no, it’s not. Unless you’re me and kick yourself in the thumb during training. I have no idea how that happened seeing as I’m really not that flexible, but that’s what happened! Sometimes I find it amazing how I’ve managed to keep myself alive all these years – and also, how I’ve never actually poked the eyes out from any of my sparring partners by accident. I haven’t done it on purpose either, I might add – all eyes intact!

Oh well. Seeing as I was too lazy to go to the gym for lunch, I stayed at the hotel playing with some of the pictures I’ve taken so far, thought I’d post some of them.

Sparring shots from day one:

dag1 Working on our wrestling:


And some shots from Clark Gracie’s class:

dag21All right. Time to get my gear together and head for the gym! There are three BJJ-classes this evening, and I hope to join them all. Can’t believe how fast this week has gone!

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