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Homeward bound.

I don’t know what happened, but it seems like my holiday is suddenly over. Darnit! The last two days has been eventful, and I have a TON of photos that I have to go through and edit – who said summer camps don’t have homework?? Oh well. Friday was the big day of our camp competition. I’ve competed once before, several years ago – and I hated it. My nerves got the better of me, I don’t know why. But I wasn’t really motivated to ever doing that again.. Still it is important to challenge oneself on the things that are hard to do, and I don’t think I would ever have found a better place to start than the camp competition. The atmosphere was very casual, the mood was great and we were all among friends. In the end I lost one fight and won the next one, ending up with a bronze medal. The fight I won was against a girl 20 kg lighter than me and not in my belt class – so that I didn’t tap her out says a lot about her. That I walked out on the mats was my real challenge here, and that I walked off them thinking to myself that I’d actually like to do this again is my victory. Screw you, nerves.

In the purple belt match, we were given a lesson in how BJJ really is a gentleman’s sport.DSC_0307The pants were pulled a bit further after I took this picture, and at some point the dude on top actually smacked it. And then they were broken apart to start afresh. Hillarious though!

All in all, the Hubby walked out with a silver medal in the purple belt class (yes, I’m very proud, thankyouforasking), Simen from our club won silver in his class and I ran off with my bronze medal tied to my head going «whoop whoop whoop» in as much dignity as I could muster. It seems that when it comes to silly stuff like medals, I’m very silly.

Yesterday was the final day of camp, with a belt seremony and cage fighting. Severeal new belts were handed out, congrats to all of you! Well deserved. I was not involved in the cage fighting other than staninding with my nosed pressed up againgst the fence on the outside with my camera, going «ooh!», «aah!» and «OUCH!». At some point I could have actually given the fighters a wet willy, they were pressed up against the cage right where I stood. But I didn’t, because, cage fighters. It’s like poking fun at an elephant, might be painful.

Oh well. Time to pack our gear and go back to Norway! We’ve learned a lot – amongst others that taking pictures of moving targets in poor light conditions can be hard.


And now we have to go home and drill the techniques we’ve learned, so that at least some of it sticks around. There’s been so much information to digest! This means that my blogging will go back to Norwegian again, but when pictures from the camp pop up – and they will once I get a chance to go through them, I’ll scribble an understandable note for those of you who hate google translate.

Thank you all for a great week in Copenhagen. Loads of great instructors, and loads of great sparring partners. This vas the best holiday ever, I SO want to come back next year!

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